Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family reunion

We had a great time at our Annual Walker family reunion. I haven't uploaded any pictures yet onto my computer. On second thought i am not sure I have any. But anyway. We stayed in Salt Lake and did things that we hadn't done. We went to This is the Place Heritage park which was fun we rode a trolley and I bought Jake a flute which everyone loved (haha). We were supposed to do a family fun run but everyone dogged out after the long day except Kevin he and I went for a run it was really fun to run with him except that he is in really good shape and was like I can run until you are tired just let me know.
We went this place called Classic fun center for the second day it was so fun. They had blow up slides and a skating rink and a jungle play land and a water park well the water part was some water slides and a pool for the little kids which was perfect for our crowd. We ended up having races down the blow up slides and my sister who was 9 months pregnant (she had her baby today) was racing up and sliding down the slides it was so fun. After all the fun we went back to "Grandma Beth's" house and had dinner. It was fun everyone stopped and got a meal from their favorite restaurant and brought it to share. After dinner Grandpa told all the kids his classic bed time stories. I am going to write them down one day because they are really good stories. The kids love them. Every time Jake comes home from Grandpa's house he always wants me to tell him "Chocolate" and I can't do it like my dad so I will have to write them so I can read them to my kids.
Let's see the third day we went to the Church History Museum. Which I had never been to, I actually didn't know that it existed. They have the actual manuscript of the book of Mormon written by Oliver Cowdry(that is not the right spelling). They had so many cool things from the pioneers and early church. They have a whole floor that is just for kids with all kinds of activities and things that are all hands on so we didn't have to keep telling the kids not to touch stuff or climb on the wagons etc. I want to go back because there was a lot of stuff we didn't get to see. We got the most awesome tour of the Church Office Building. My uncle is in the First Quorum of the Seventy and he came and took us through the building. The look outs on the top of the building had beautiful views. The coolest part was going to his department He is one of the bosses in the Temple Department (I don't know his exact title). He showed us the rooms where they discuss all the temple plans and it had a map with all the temples that have been built, that are being built and that have been announced. We got to spend some time with him in his office and hear him talk about being with the Prophet which was really neat. While we were in his office Jake choked and I thought he was going to puke so we go running out of the office, the bathroom was clear around the corner and down a hall. So I was running around with no idea where I was going holding my son hoping he didn't puke on some unsuspecting persons desk.
That night was quite eventful for some of my family you will have to read my sister Jill's account here.

We had family pictures taken the last day we were all in salt lake. My husbands business partner does photography so he came and took our pictures he made this video. I think the pictures turned out really cute. The ones of Kevin and my dad are so fun.

This is one of the pictures of the whole family.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Check this out!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Actually writing a post

I have been neglectful in actually writing updates on here. I love to put pictures but I have looked back and there is not a lot written about what I have been up to. Maybe that is because pretty much the pictures tell the story. Mom of 2. What else have I been doing? Experimenting on different methods for keeping my house clean. Have yet to be successful. Trying to find new ways to entertain my extremely active 2 year old. Trying to figure out how to fit working out into my schedule. Going to Costco and and not being able to resist the chocolate covered almonds. Doing primary stuff (2nd counselor) I was given the "great opportunity" (ie no one else said yes)to write the program for our primary sacrament meeting which is just a little bit intimidating. What else oh feeding a growing baby at her 2 month appointment she was 11lbs 4oz and 23 1/2 inches. That's about it. I am about to attempt to start and finish reading a book. We will see how that goes.

Yes I know the time I spend reading I could be doing a workout. So I pledge in 2 months I will post a picture of myself on here in the mean time you will just have to endure the endless pictures of my cute kids.

Change is good?

A lot has changed in my life in the past 4 months. 4 months! I can't believe that Alexis has been around that long already. We haven't moved which you would think would be not a change but I am pretty sure that we will not be moving out of our current house for a while. This is a big change for me because 3 months ago this house was for sale. 2 kids is a big change. Not as difficult of a change like some people made me think. I love having both. they are very different and that makes things so fun. I do have days where I think how can do everything for both children. The post baby body is a big change. I need some motivation to get back in shape. I love to work out but finding time with the above noted 2 children change is difficult. I have started doing these great videos my mom bought they are 10 minute workouts. The biggest change is Jared's new "job". He is now officially self-employed" no more steady paycheck and benefits. We are on our own. Which will hopefully be an extremely positive change. But right now it is 12-13 hour days and not seeing him at all. I think he is liking what he is doing and is less stressed about work, so that is a really good change. Hopefully more good changes to come I'll keep you posted.

PS This was in draft for a really long time but I wanted to put it in just for me for history sake.